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About Us

A room should never allow the eye to settle at one place, it should smile at you and let you create a land of fantasy.” R HOUSE does just that and more…

While India is changing from being a cultured land of heritage, artistic handicrafts and traditions, it is rapidly welcoming and adapting to a life of modernity in design and high quality furniture that speaks for you and about you.

A flagship store spread over two floors of 15,000 sq.ft. is your new destination for luxury right here in Worli, Mumbai. R HOUSE is a curator of design, taste and style in the luxury lifestyle market, offering Furniture, Artefacts, Accessories, Lighting, Soft furnishings  & Outdoor furniture imported from across the globe to fit to your taste.

Over a period of 5 years, R HOUSE has grown by leaps and bounds, this has motivated us to now introduce Global Brands that exemplify elegance through its tastefully curated merchandise, innovative designs, sophisticated colours & most importantly customization. Our collections provide a unique point of view and an unmatched combination of inspired design and unparalleled quality.

Born into a family of renowned architects, Mana Shetty has an eye for detail and all-things-beautiful which reflect in her collections that she personally curates along with the Co-Partners Pratik Thakkar, Parin Nishar, Rohak Nishar & Nilesh Gala.

“Where life meets style” at R HOUSE, it’s not ABOUT US, it’s ABOUT YOU!

Our Vision

We believe that offering and developing customized products & services enables us to inspire everyone’s creativity and to make every home more comfortable. Constantly introducing new designs can offer more diversified choices for consumers to create their unique living styles.

We serve the hospitality sector, luxury second homes and high end residential projects. We have set up a division to support these clients specific requirements. We not only customize furniture for upscale projects but also provide a complete solution from procurements of good till delivery on site.